We are the Philadelphia hub of Sunrise Movement. Sunrise is a youth-led movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. We’re building a movement of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people. We work to pass Green New Deal legislation at the local, state, and federal level that addresses climate change while ensuring that communities on the front lines of this crisis, including fossil fuel workers, are not left behind.

Our Vision: The Green New Deal

Whether we live in neighborhoods with trees, skyscrapers, open fields, or freeways, we all want our families to grow up healthy and thrive for generations to come.

For too long, fossil fuel CEOs and corrupt politicians have divided and distracted us with lies while they pollute our air and poison our water. They exploit our differences to pick and choose where to build dirty oil refineries based on the contents of our wallets and the color of our skin.

By coming together across race and place to rewrite the rules, we will heal the damage done to our city and power our future with locally made energy from the wind and sun, while creating millions of good jobs and healthy neighborhoods for all of our families.

The Green New Deal is a national set of bills, but we are going to make change locally by talking to our communities, putting pressure on those in power through direct action, and by winning elections.

The Intercept’s A Vision for the Future shows what we mean.

Our Culture: Multiracial Cross Class Joy and Struggle

Sunrise National has a set of principles that we’ve added to.

  • COLLECTIVE LIBERATION: Unless our movement is multiracial and cross class, we will not grow large enough to win. Since whiter, higher class folks have in the past been more likely to join climate movements, we will intentionally hold events in working class communities of color. At the same time we must avoid tokenization: bringing people to the table just so the organization looks more diverse while continuing to dismiss them. We will give all of our members training, coaching, and investment so that they are confident in their skills and so that they are valued for who they are rather than just the diversity they may bring.
  • RELATIONSHIPS: We will prioritize meaningful relationships, trust, and care among members to cultivate motivation and cultivate joy.
  • AGENCY: We will celebrate everyone’s time, presence, and identities. Everyone will be appreciated for their efforts, and be given opportunities to experiment and have ownership to lead their projects. 
  • COMMUNICATION: Leadership will ensure that the hub’s campaigns are clear and that there is space for questions, discussion, and feedback. Direct honest feedback will help us win.
  • DEMOCRACY: We will continually evaluate the power distribution within the hub to avoid identity-based power imbalances.

Our Core Team:

In order to swiftly create and execute our strategy we need a diverse core team to make, communicate, and receive feedback about broad, course setting decisions.

Who is on the team?

  • Ed Brown – Hub Coordinator
  • Rachel H – Social Events Lead
  • Aden Halpern – Canvassing Lead
  • Ella Israeli – Canvassing lead
  • Natalie Kahn – Communications Lead
  • Nehemiah B – Membership Lead
  • Olivia Taylor – Actions Lead

Why this group?

  • Sunrise Philly went through a dark period in 2021. Most of these 7 folks were in the hub at it’s prime and have experience running social media, community events, actions, and canvasses (talking to people in the streets or at their homes).

What does this team have the authority to do?

  • Decide on what the hub is focusing on
  • Decides what events we have
  • Decides how to spend money

How will the makeup of this group change?

  • Our current campaigns lasts through May 17. After May 17 the core team will reform with some people likely stepping down and new ones stepping up. Once the hub becomes larger we will likely impalement a voting process