Get Green New Deal champions elected to local, state, and national office while creating youth leaders and increasing the youth vote.

Pledge to vote and strike after election day

16% of Pennsylvanians are between the ages of 18 and 29. Our generation and our children will have to deal with the worst effects of the climate crisis and climate injustice. We make our leaders hear our voices. Help us vote Trump out of office and flex our power so that there’s no way he can contest the election results.

Sign up to be a poll worker with the poll hero project
Get your friends to pledge with you

Donald Trump won in Pennsylvania by less than 1%. Helping us activate 17,000 young Pennsylvanians voters by calling your friends and convincing them to make the pledge. Volunteers will be making calls on a Zoom call every Thursday from 6-8pm. Training will be held for the first 40 minutes. No experience is necessary.

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Edward Brown – ed@sunrisemovement.org

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