WHR Victory!

Home. The place where we rest, eat with our loved ones and dream about the 76ers winning in the finals. But today, this basic of human need — comfortable shelter — is put out of our reach to turn a quick profit for the wealthiest 1%. A handful of lawmakers and the real estate speculators, developers and landlords that fund their campaigns try to make us fear our neighbors, spreading lies based on what we look like or where we come from, while they jack up rents and destroy affordable options.

We must come together to rewrite the rules and build options people can actually afford. We make the future and we can ensure all of us have a place to call home

In 2020, we proudly endorsed Nikil Saval in his run for State Senate and now, with help from dozens of community organizations including CASA, POWER, Democratic Socialists of America, Working Families Party, Philly Thrive, and Sunrise, he has passed unprecedented aid. This year, he got $125 million from the state government to pilot the Whole Home Repairs program which:

  1. Provides up to $50,000 grants for homeowners and loans to small landlords with affordability restrictions so that they can make habitability repairs and upgrades for energy efficiency.
  2. Allocates resources for support staff to help people access the right programs in the right order to meet their needs and maximize their access to holistic repairs.
  3. Provides resources to increase retention in home repair and weatherization training programs and pre-apprenticeship programs, including cash stipends to trainees, so that our state can build up the workforce needed to meet the demand.

For more info about this win check out this Instagram post